2019 World Bank Group Country Security Specialist Recruitment

Deadline: June 7, 2019.

The World Bank Group offices in Vienna, Austria consists of national and international staff and visiting mission staff that provide operational support to country offices in the Western Balkans. The position of Country Security Specialist is located within the World Bank Group regional office in Vienna, Austria. The incumbent shall also be responsible for the security programs at The World Bank Group Country Offices located in Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro. The position is within the Corporate Security (GCSGO) division of Global Corporate Solutions (GCS) of the World Bank Group (WBG).

The incumbent will report to, and receive support and direction from, the Manager of Global Operations through the Senior Security Specialist for Europe and Central Asia (ECA) based in London, UK. The incumbent will advise and consult with management in each of the Country Offices of responsibility and will discharge their assignment under the direct authority and guidance of the IBRD and IFC Country Office Management.



Security Risk Management 

  • Develop and maintain a Security Risk Assessment within the GCSGO specified frequency for Austria, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro.
  • Assist Country Office management in developing and overseeing the day-to-day conduct of the office security programs and ensuring preparation of adequate responses to security incidents, natural disasters and when crisis events are occurring.
  • Provide technical security advice to and coordinate with Corporate Real Estate, in consultation with the Security Specialist for Real Estate, for existing facilities and any potential new offices to include site selection and installation of effective physical and procedural security measures.
  • Manage the video surveillance, card access and other physical security and fire/life safety systems. Carry out testing and evacuation drills periodically.
  • Monitor and advise on residential security upgrades for newly acquired and existing residences of international staff. 
  • Provide general residential security advice to all staff. 
  • Provide advice on security arrangements at hotels, restaurants, ministries, diplomatic/international organizations and other locations which staff may visit for business or recreation purposes. 
  • Liaise with host government security and law enforcement officials as appropriate and with security advisors for diplomatic/international organizations and private security firms to establish a network of contacts. 
  • Assist staff and visiting missions in reporting incidents (GCSGO, UNDSS, host government, etc.).
  • Ensure a viable system is in place to track staff, note arrival/departure/residence changes, contact details while at the field location, and to coordinate with UNDSS and the WBG Security Operations Center.
    Where applicable, manage the Country Office security guard services contracts to include the procurement process, contract extensions, conducting periodic reviews with guard services contract management, certification of invoices, documentation of non-performance and other issues, modifications of the contract and required reporting and documentation in coordination with Corporate Security,primarily through the World Bank headquarters based GCSOS Security Specialist managing Guard Contract Services and Corporate Procurement. 
  • Manage the Country Office major security equipment programs (portable items such as handheld/ walk-through metal detectors, package screening devices, communications and ECM equipment and armored vehicles) to include the procurement process when applicable, contract extensions, documentation of non-performance and other issues, certification of invoices, modifications of the contract, training guards and drivers on use of equipment and required reporting and documentation in coordination with Corporate Security, primarily through the World Bank headquarters based Security Specialist and Corporate Procurement.

    Security Awareness
  • Provide newly arriving staff and visiting missions with practical security advice and contact information in advance of their visit and briefings upon arrival specific to the current situation and their mission.
  •  Provide briefings, communications and logistical support for field missions.
  • Draft staff security advisories on risk mitigation in response to the general security situation, following significant specific incidents and during periods of heightened risk.
  • Conduct periodic security awareness briefings for all staff.
  • Deliver or coordinate relevant security training for all staff.Contingency Planning 

  • Coordinate revisions of the Crisis Management Plan (CMT) on an annual basis or more frequently as required or directed. 
  • Serve as advisor to, and conduct training for, Country Office Crisis Management Teams. 
  • Maintain and update as necessary all Country Office contingency planning material, reference documents and annexes.
  • Organize periodic tabletop exercises to test the CMT.
  • Maintain and periodically test the staff telephone tree, warden system and other local contingency plans.
  • Organize security and fire/life safety training and briefings for all staff.
  • Maintain and enhance the Country Office emergency contact and locator systems and ensure coordination between the Country Office, UNDSS and the WBG Security Operations Center. 
  • Continually assess in-country relocation and out-of-country evacuation options.

       Protective Operations 

  • Manage and document the entire range of protective operations, when applicable, to include the coordination of vehicle movements, the level of protection required for specific movements, the site advance security assessments and arrangements. 
  • Plan emergency response actions in the event of an emergency or a direct or indirect threat to staff. Take proactive measures to prevent involvement in such activities and perform reactively to avoid/escape from those in progress.
  • Review daily staff travel schedules and projected travel itineraries to identify potential security and safety-related issues
  • Arrange the appropriate level of security for visiting senior World Bank officials. 
  • Arrange continuing or special host government protective services support for staff, visiting missions and facilities as necessary. 
  • Coordinate security arrangements for World Bank Group sponsored conferences and training events held in Austria, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro. 
  • Recommend security policies and procedures to management to include approved/prohibited locations and ensure a mechanism is in place to keep staff informed and to document and report to management violations of policies and procedures.
  • Other Responsibilities As May Be Assigned.




University degree in relevant discipline (National Security Studies, Risk Management, Police Science or Criminal Justice) at a Bachelor’s level with 10-years professional management experience or at a Master’s level with five years’ experience or equivalent combination of education and experience is preferred.


  • Minimum 5-years of progressive experience in security program management preferred;    
  • Knowledge and experience in security program delivery and project implementation in the context of high-risk environment, especially in the geographic area of responsibility, preferred; 
  • Experienced with security policy development and implementation;
    Proficiency in Microsoft Windows applications, namely, Excel, Word and Power Point. 
  •  Demonstrated fluency (reading and writing) in both English and German. A working knowledge of Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian would be desirable.

Specialized Skills

  • In depth knowledge of the development of security policies and procedures and a general understanding of threat mitigation procedures and high-risk operations.
  • Ability to develop detailed security advisories and notifications for consideration and implementation by the country office management.
  • Knowledge of the range of protective operations.
  • Familiar with basic procurement procedures, project management and the planning, allocation and management of resources. 
  •  Required to travel on short notice to high risk locations.  


  • Project Management – Understands and utilizes the basic concepts of project management, as they relate to the implementation of a project. 
  • Negotiation Skills – Has good working experience of planning and preparation of negotiation, of setting clear objectives and tactics to achieve them. 
  • Leadership and Supervision – Supervises team by planning and organizing a course of action that will lead to the accomplishment of team and project objectives. 
  • Risk Mitigation and Security Management – Can conduct risk assessments and develop recommendations for security, risk mitigation programs and procedures with operations in a high-risk environment. 
  • Crisis Management – Maintains and periodically tests crisis management related communications, and business continuity systems. 
  • Client Orientation – Takes personal responsibility and accountability for timely response to client queries, requests or needs, working to remove obstacles that may impede execution or overall success. 
  • Drive for Results – Takes personal ownership and accountability to meet deadlines and achieve agreed-upon results and has the personal organization to do so. 
  • Teamwork (Collaboration) and Inclusion – Collaborates with other team members and contributes productively to the team’s work and output, demonstrating respect for different points of view. 
  • Knowledge, Learning and Communication – Actively seeks knowledge needed to complete assignments and shares knowledge with others, communicating and presenting information in a clear and organized manner. 
  • Business Judgment and Analytical Decision Making – Analyzes facts and data to support sound, logical decisions regarding own and others’ work. 




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