2019 TUBITAK International Fellowship for Outstanding Researchers Programme

Deadline: February 15, 2019.

The International Fellowship for Outstanding Researchers Program aims to support
qualified researchers with leading scientific and/or technological achievements and
international work experience to conduct their research in leading university*,
industrial** or public institutions to contribute in areas that are strategic value to Turkey.



1. The Project application must be submitted by researchers who have/will come to Turkey from abroad to conduct their research.
2. The researcher must not have resided in Turkey for more than 12 months in the
last 3 years prior to the call deadline.

3. Short-term visits and compulsory military service not exceeding fifteen days in total within one year are excluded from this period.



The program is designed to include the following aspects of financial support:
• Scholarship for Project Leaders
• Family allowance for the Project Leader
• Initial research grant,
• Research grant,
• Scholarship for establishing a research team (scholarship for up to 5 doctoral
students the project coordinator will include in the research team for conducting
his/her research in Turkey)
• Project incentive bonus for researchers,
• Overhead for the host institution,
• Health insurance for the project leader and his/her family,
• Travel allowance for the project leader and his/her family,
The duration of the fellowship is to be between 24 to 36 months.



Research project proposal form
• A motivation Letter, prepared by Project Leader and must include purpose for
coming to Turkey, the research projects/plans and career plans after International Fellowship for Outstanding Researchers Programme
• Documents of residence abroad for researchers who live abroad during the
application (e.g. tax certificate, rental agreement or monthly electricity bill)
• Entry and Exit Report Document for Turkey, received from the “e-devlet” portal
for previous 3 years from the date of application for Turkish Citizen researchers.
• Original or certified copy of the diploma or graduation certificate for the most
recent academic degree (certified English translation of a diploma in a language
other than Turkish or English must be sent).
• A document showing full-time research experience abroad for researchers
without a Ph.D. degree (e.g. a working certificate taken from the human
resources unit indicating the position, hours per week and the duration of work.
• A statement of commitment to comply with ethical rules and to obtain legal
permits, if necessary.
• An invitation letter signed by the rector or vice-rector if the host institution is a
university, director if the host institution is a research infrastructure that has
been qualified within the scope of the Law on Support of Research
Infrastructures (Law No. 6550) and officially authorized representative if the host
institution is a private sector or other public institution.
• Total Requested Budget Form
• Curriculum Vitae



1. Applications will be made online via e-bideb.tubitak.gov.tr between the dates stated in the call announcement.
2. Documents uploaded to the application system must be in Turkish or English.
Documents prepared in other languages should have notary certified translation in
Turkish or English.
3. It is sufficient to upload soft copy of documents to the application system. Applicants are not required to submit hard copy of documents to BİDEB.




International Fellowship for Outstanding Researchers Programme

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