2019 Sinapis Academy Entrepreneurial Training

Deadline: January 1, 2019.

The first step for a Sinapis entrepreneur is to complete the SINAPIS ACADEMY, our 4 month, rigorous mini-MBA designed specifically for early to growth stage entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses. This program is practical and focused with everything an entrepreneur needs to know and nothing they don’t. Participants are expected to complete milestones in their business related to what they learned in class. Courses cover Sales, Finance, Management, Operations, Financing, and Leadership. Additionally, 25% of our curriculum is on Kingdom Business, which helps entrepreneurs learn how to integrate their faith with their business so they can glorify God as a business leader in their industry.

During the live, in-person sessions, entrepreneurs:

• Read a localized business case about a case study hero that encounters a challenge in their business that many Sinapis entrepreneurs also face

• Learn the key business concepts they need to know to overcome this challenge

• Learn a toolkit that helps the entrepreneur apply the knowledge to their business



  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who are operating small and medium sized enterprises or startups with high growth potential (not micro-level businesses)
  • Those able to dedicate 20 hours per week to the course
  • Those willing and able to take course work at the advanced MBA level
  • Those with a heart for leading a Christ-centered Kingdom business
  • Entrepreneurs who are permanent residents of the region in which they’re taking the course
  • Entrepreneurs willing to participate in the program (you cannot send someone else)




  • Advanced practical entrepreneurial training at the MBA level that will catapult your business from a dream to a reality and grow it to the next level
  • The above benefit at a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional MBA program without all of the theory that entrepreneurs don’t need and don’t have time for
  • The opportunity to learn how to serve God through your business and become a Kingdom business leader in your community
  • High performing alumni may receive custom advisory, capital raise support, investor matching, access to networks, and ongoing mentorship
  • The opportunity to demonstrate your entrepreneurial prowess and be chosen to be a Sinapis Fast Track Fellow (in participating countries)
  • A certificate of Entrepreneurship from Acton School of Business and Sinapis


  • The above benefits PLUS
  • The opportunity to get specific consulting support from sector experts that would generally cost you too much to hire
  • The opportunity to get mentorship from a seasoned business leader in your industry
  • The opportunity to win seed capital grants to launch and grow your business



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