2019 Nesta Tech to Connect Challenge for Organisation in England

Deadline: August 7, 2019.

The Tech to Connect Challenge is looking to help civil society develop their early stage ideas for tech that enables more or better interactions between people. Tech can be alienating or divisive for those that are isolated, so we want to help civil society translate their knowledge into good ideas for new ways to connect people.



To be eligible to apply to the Tech To Connect Challenge:

  1. You must be a civil society organisation, charity or social enterprise (CIC or other organisation that satisfies Social Enterprise UK’s ‘characteristics of a social enterprise’).
  2. You must be based in England.
  3. Your idea must be implemented in England.
  4. You must not have received any state funding within the last three (3) financial years.



All submissions will be judged against the following criteria:


  • The idea contributes to reducing social isolation in England.
  • The impact of the idea can be measured and evaluated.


  • The idea is new, adapted, or repurposed for its intended use.
  • The idea more effectively addresses user need compared to what already exists.


  • The idea is technologically and operationally realistic.
  • The idea is affordable and accessible to its targeted users.


  • There is potential for the idea to grow or be replicated across England.
  • This growth or replication can be done in a financially sustainable way.



The Tech to Connect Challenge, which is funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, consists of £500,000 of grant funding and £500,000 worth of business support.




Click here to apply

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