2019 Impact Makers and Creators Accelerator Programme

Deadline: April 1, 2019.

Impact Makers and Creators is a fully-funded, three-month business accelerator for

ideation-and-growth-stage social and creative entrepreneurs. The programme will support entrepreneurs to build their businesses,make their impact sustainable and reach wider communities and beneficiaries through their work.

Impact Makers and Creators is an ambitious programme that will work with 120 Ideation-and Growth-Stage social and creative entrepreneurs in Cape Town and Johannesburg and support them in building their social and creative businesses, make their impact sustainable and reach wider communities and beneficiaries through their work.

Should you apply for this programme in 2019?

  • Are you an aspiring/established creative social entrepreneur who is passionate about making a difference in your community?

  • Do you want to improve your business and leadership skills to grow the sustainability of your enterprise in order to create more impact?

  • Are you looking to connect with other creative social impact makers in Johannesburg or Cape Town?



The learning programme consists of 6 modules and 8x full and compulsory learning days.

A mentor will be assigned to each learner. Each participant will receive 3x on-on-one mentorship sessions.

At the end of the programme the 10 best enterprises will be selected in both Cape Town and Johannesburg. These creative social enterprises will then be invited to pitch their enterprises to impact investors at a pitching event hosted at the end of the year.

Learning programme:

Ideation phase programme: Creating a Creative Social Enterprise

  • Becoming a creative social entrepreneur.

    •  What change do you want to make in your community and country? (2 days)

  • Self-leadership and resilience (2 days)

  • From idea to business model and Viable Product (1 day)

  • Costs and revenues (1 day)

  • Marketing (1 day)

  • Pitching and selling (1 day)

Growth phase programme: Growing a Creative Social Enterprise

  • Where creative meets social: Making positive impact in your community and country through your creative enterprise. (1 day)

  • Leading self, leading teams and leading your enterprise (3 days)

  • Strategy and business model (1 day)

  • Advanced marketing (1 day)

  • Financial management & getting funding ready (1 day)

  • Pitching and selling (1 day)



Impact Makers and Creators offers social creative entrepreneurs:

1. a learning programme by global social enterprise experts

 2. high impact business development support

 3. in-depth coaching from successful creative entrepreneurs

 4. funding readiness

 5. opportunities for access to market




Impact Makers and Creators

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