2019 IKEA Bootcamp for growth stage startups

Deadline: December 31, 2018.

IKEA is an entrepreneurial company by heart. For the last 70 years IKEA has been known for challenging conventions and having an entrepreneurial and opportunity driven approach. From the very beginning, we decided to side with the many; the vision “To create a better everyday life for the many people” has always led the way. At IKEA Range & Supply in Älmhult, we have gathered over 58 different nationalities to strive to develop IKEA products that improve the everyday life of the many people with thin wallets. It is also here that we explore the new solutions and innovations of tomorrow to continue to fulfill our vision in the future.



1. Sustainable and Circular life at home:

  • Solution examples:
  • Consumption awareness & reduction
  • Solutions for waste, water & energy
  • Water reduction, recycling & cleaning
  • Grey water & Closed loop
  • Enabling convenience

2. Sustainable and Circular Movement:

  • Solution examples:
  • Solutions for mass circularity
  • Renewable energy & efficiency
  • Sharing economy
  • Furniture as a service (b2b2c)
  • Disruptive Second hand platforms
  • Enabling a circular lifestyle

3. Urban Life at Home

  • Solution examples:
  • Controlled sleeping conditions
  • Solutions for light, air, temperature & noise
  • Smart clean & care of products & surfaces
  • Small space living
  • Transformable furniture
  • Products designed for disabled & elderly

4. Urban Movement

  • Solution examples:
  • Zero emission home deliveries
  • On-demand delivery solutions
  • Lead delivery times
  • Last-mile delivery

5. Sustainable Food Innovation

  • Solution examples:
  • Sustainability from growing to eating
  • Healthy & sustainable food & ingredients
  • Smart & sustainable packaging
  • Food waste solutions
  • Production & growing methods

6. Customer experience and Engagement

  • Solution examples:
  • Solutions both before, during & after sales
  • Platforms to inspire & create a better life at home
  • Transforming stores to experience centres
  • Simple & unique digital experience
  • Self-service, service & convenience
  • Artificial intelligence & Big data utilization
  • VR & AR



1. Growth stage startup

2. Experienced and committed team

3. Address one or more of the three big challenges

4. Have a market-tested solution



1. Potential partnership or investment: IKEA may invest or partner with the most promising startups based on the collaboration, and we will leverage Rainmaking’s network of VC’s to extend the potential for investment to support your growth.

2. Extended access to IKEA: Access to ressources, channels and expertise within the area of IKEA that is relevant for your startup, whether product development, food or retail. Spend most of your time during the program on working directly with the part of IKEA that can add the most value to your startup.

3. Strategic support: With 9,500 products across the IKEA range, 400+ retail stores and restaurants in more than 50 markets and a website attracting billions of visits, we can leverage our expertise, network and channels to explore and support a pilot with selected startups.

4. Accelerated engagement: Get accelerated engagement and access to the right IKEA people that would otherwise take at least double the time to achieve. Get a first indication of the collaboration potential with IKEA already after two weeks, meaning you will only invest the remaining time of the 3 months based on a mutual recognition of the collaboration potential.

5. Tailored pilot support: Get a dedicated IKEA leader as a door-opener into the organization and hands-on support from IKEA experts. Startups get case-by-case pilot facilitation from a Senior Mentor from Rainmaking’s global network of serial entrepreneurs, and experience from doing startup programs in more than 40 countries on three continents.

6. Financial support for pilots, main travel, housing and office space: IKEA may provide financial support to do pilots with selected teams. We will cover some of the main travel costs during the program, and provide office space & accommodation for the on-site key events in Älmhult.








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