2019 Goonj Fellowship for Indians

Deadline: March 31, 2019.

The Goonj Fellowship is our way of engaging with the youth in a deeper way. We are looking for people who are done looking around and are ready to do something. This Fellowship is about engaging with some real life challenges, tasks and timelines, to give you hands on experience and immersion into urban and rural India’s realities and a precursor for your own action plan at the end of the Fellowship.



The fellowship will involve three segments:

First: Engaging you in an ambitious pan India urban campaign involving strategic thinking, logistics, communication, people handling and managerial responsibilities.

Second: Planning and executing time-bound ideas and projects addressing an  urban/rural problem, supported by Goonj.

Third: Making sense of it all.. You will  reflect back and chart out an action plan for yourself (post fellowship) in consultation with some industry mentors, guiding you through the process.

The fellowship is designed to give an outlet to your entrepreneurial and  passionate self and nudge you to work on an action plan on a social issue that bothers you.



  • They are looking for people who commit to spending an entire year in different rural areas working on issues that affect the last person.
  • Minimum qualification is Matriculation.
  • Age between 21 to 30 year old.
  • Open to Indian citizens only



1. An immersive one year exposure for youth from the villages of India who are ready to act on hardcore rural challenges.

2. In the one year of fellowship, these fellows will learn in-depth about rural issues like infrastructure, health and hygiene, education, livelihood and disaster relief-rehab etc.. working hands on with Goonj teams in rural parts of Assam, Bundelkhand, Chattisgarh and Odisha to name a few.

3. The one year fellowship will also include capacity building workshops, shadowing experience with sector specialists apart from hands on training about key skills like communication, financial planning, monitoring and evaluation etc..

4. Fellows will be disbursed a stipend of Rs. 10000 – 12000 to sustain their monthly expenditures.





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