2019 Fentress Global Challenge (FGC)

Deadline: May 31, 2019.

Global commerce and the unprecedented demand for travel and have resulted in the proliferation of airports around the world. In their short history, terminal buildings have been criticized for employing generic architectural forms that are unapologetically disconnected from their context and cultural identity. Technical complexity and functional design have often taken precedence over quality and comfort for users.

In less than a century, the airport has emerged as a new architectural typology that is as important as other large-scale public buildings such as museums, libraries, temples, and courthouses. Airports are among the most complex and highly frequented transportation hubs, but they are also increasingly important places for work, commerce, recreation, and culture. The rapid evolution of airports necessitates the incorporation of the latest developments in technology, design, and social trends around the globe.

Winners of the competition will be elevated to a Fentress Global Challenge Fellow. Of the thousands of entries Fentress Global Challenge (FGC) has garnered since debuting in 2011, up to four teams earn top honors each year. In 2018, FGC Fellows was created to recognize a select and dynamic group of past award winners.

Fellows are chosen for their:

  • Engagement in and elevation of the discourse on public architecture
  • Active participation in mentorship programs
  • Demonstration of a growing commitment to their community

FGC supports Fellows by facilitating events and other forums that afford networking opportunities and access to not only peers, but also industry leaders looking to connect, share ideas and discuss projects. Fellows are also invited to sit on future FGC award juries and collaborate on papers and other thought pieces.



1. The Fentress Global Challenge (FGC) competition is open to graduate and undergraduate students who are currently pursuing architecture or engineering degrees in an accredited university program, as well as recent graduates (within the last four years) with a degree in architecture or engineering.

2. Individuals and teams of up to three are accepted.

3. Students must provide proof of active enrollment status: a scanned copy of their student ID and current course schedule. Recent graduates must provide a scanned copy of their diploma.



US$10,000 Cash + Event

The top prize includes US$10,000 cash and the opportunity to accompany Curt Fentress to a prestigious architectural event where you will receive your award. Airfare, lodging, and entrance fee will be paid for by Fentress Architects, not to exceed US$5,000. Winners are responsible for obtaining necessary visas and paperwork. If entering as a group, the monetary prize and attendance at the architectural event will be distributed equally.









By the end of the day on May 31, 2019 (23:00 GMT), participants must register and upload competition materials to their profile page on this website.

The official language of the competition is English and the official unit of measurement is the inch.

The design concept shall be submitted in PDF format and include:

  • Up to 8 pages in 11 inch x 17 inch format, landscape orientation
  • Each of the 8 pages must have a page number and the team name
  • File must be named as follows: 2018/2019_team name_design concept title.pdf
  • The submission must have a design concept title, a 400-word description, and a brief description of the team or individual submitting
  • Supporting diagrams, plans, sections and perspectives are encouraged
  • The digital file may be no larger than 100mb
  • In a separate PDF, please include student IDs of the group members


Fentree global challenge

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