2019 European Union School Education Gateway Call for Teachers

Deadline: February 26, 2019.

In order to provide better frameworks of support for teachers to mainstream the impact of Teacher Academy (TA) online courses, a newly established study group will carry out schoolbased case studies during 2019.
The study group will consist of 10 teachers from different countries across Europe who will work together in the creation of a variety of outputs that will help to integrate the use of TA online courses at school-level. To this end, the selection of its members will be done among previous participants of Teacher Academy online courses, School Education Gateway related networks (SEG members, eTwinning schools, eTwinning ambassadors) as well as teacher communities run by European Schoolnet (Scientix ambassadors, EUN Academy course communities, etc). However, the call will be open to any teacher interested in participating in the activity following specific criteria. Teachers will be invited to apply to participate to the activity via an open call disseminated through TA social media channels, SEG Newsletter, NSS,NA, eTwinning schools, Future Classroom Lab network, etc



The study group will be asked to carry out a set of tasks:

1. Participate in two (2) one-day workshops in the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels,
one planned to take place on 12th April 2019, the second one to take place on 12th
December 2019. The workshops will include training in digital content creation tools.

2. Produce a set of resources that will serve as a guide to other teachers and schools who want to benefit from TA courses. The exact format of these resources will be discussed with the study group but the aim is to create an interactive eBook that will be disseminated online to mainstream participation of TA courses and/or a YouTube playlist or channel where participants in the case study group share their best practices, tips and advices for other teachers.

3. Participate in regular online meetings/webinars with the coordinator of the
school-based study group as well as in social media group discussions (Facebook) to allow for a more enriching exchange of experience and knowledge.

4. Provide feedback and evaluation data via online questionnaires and interviews.



The selection criteria for the school-based case studies group are the following:

1. Proficient knowledge of English (understanding, writing, reading and listening):
teachers should feel very comfortable to communicate in English in order to attend the workshops in the Future Classroom Lab, and be able to develop training resources (interactive eBook and YouTube videos, and closely collaborate online with the study group coordinator and teachers from other countries.

2. Have good content creation skills: teachers will receive a training on digital tools that can be used for the creation of the final outputs. However, having previous experience in the use of online or digital tools (to create online magazines, posters, podcasts, videos) as well as previous experience in creating teacher professional development materials (such as instructional videos, interactive magazines, e-learning material, etc) will be an added value.

3. Be an active and experienced teacher who is already taking (or willing to take) an
active role in the development of their school and have the explicit support of
their school leader: Participants should be in a position to be able to work with or
even lead other colleagues at their school. Accordingly, participants of the study group should have the explicit support of their school leaders or should be a member of the school leadership team.

4. Be active in social media channels and act as a multiplier to increase the
engagement of teachers: the participants of the study group are expected to act as
multipliers in their own school but also, possibly, in other schools of the region/country,to increase engagement in Teacher Academy online courses. Besides, they are expected to be very active in social media channels (Twitter, Facebook) in order to reach other teachers and increase engagement in Teacher Academy online courses.

5. Availability to travel to Brussels and participate in the two on-site workshops and
the two/three online webinars: in order to fulfil the tasks of the Study Group, teachers
need to attend the two workshops.




1. Opportunity to be a member of the selected Study Group of this pilot project of the
School Education Gateway

2. Professional development opportunities in the form of two on-site workshops in the
Future Classroom Lab in Brussels – certificates of participation will be provided

3. Travel and accommodation costs of teachers covered to participate in the two

4. Possibility to be part of an international community of teachers whose work will be
widely disseminated through the School Education Gateway and European Schoolnet channels, thereby gaining visibility and recognition at international level

5. Opportunity to get your previous work on Teacher Academy and similar courses more widely recognised at school level

6. Opportunity to shape school-level developments and inspire your colleagues – with the support of the study group.

7. Opportunity to exchange with like-minded colleagues and share your experiences.




School Education Gateway

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