2019 Bosch/Founders Factory Africa Smart Mobility Start-up Demo Day

Deadline: September 6, 2019.

Are you an African start-up entrepreneur addressing pain points in mobility in one or more markets in Africa? We are looking for solutions that could include: connectivity, IoT and big data; vehicle hailing, renting and sharing; charging, parking and city transport infrastructure; clean energy and electric vehicles; automation and delivery; vehicle safety; insurance and more.

A day bringing together the Top 10 Smart Mobility start-ups from across Africa to pitch to Bosch and Founders Factory Africa for a chance to win a cash prize up to $30,000 and potentially partner with Bosch, as well as be in the running to Founders Factory Africa’s Accelerator Program. Attending the Demo Day will also be investors, partners, and other tech ecosystem players in South Africa.



They are looking for early to reaching growth stage ventures that fit the following criteria and sit within the Smart Mobility themes they’ve identified or other themes.


  • Clearly identified market or customer pain point and value proposition
  • Revenue generating an advantage
  • Strong technology and business co-founders
  • Innovative solution with a validated minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Clear potential for growth and increasing unit economics
  • Strategic alignment with Bosch’s focus on Smart Mobility Solutions


  • Passenger cabin safety
  • Public transport route automation
  • Connectivity / IoT Solutions
  • Urbanisation (connectivity, infrastructure)
  • Clean energy and electric vehicles
  • Data (could overlap with insurance)
  • Delivery
  • Please see more detail on themes



1. Potential areas of collaboration with Bosch

  • Support on technology and product design
  • Accessing data and analytics sets
  • Accessing Bosch’s wide network of customers
  • Piloting and testing with Smart Mobility teams
  • And more to be explored once winners are chosen

2. Enter Founders Factory Africa’s bespoke Accelerator

3. In addition, you may be selected to be in the running to enter Founders Factory Africa’s bespoke Accelerator: a tailored six-month engagement with access to over 40 tech and business experts and designers, as well as Founders Factory Africa’s corporate investors to scale your start-up.

4. All expenses will be covered.



Fill in a simple form about your start-up HERE and UPLOAD your pitch deck. Finalists will be contacted for interviews. The top 10 start-ups will be invited to come to Johannesburg, South Africa, in the first week of November 2019.




Click here to apply

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