2019 Atlantic Council Millennium Fellowship

Deadline: February 1, 2019.

Building on our fifty-five year history of convening exceptional next generation leaders, the Atlantic Council launched the Millennium Fellowship to connect and empower rising leaders who will shape the twenty-first century. Through this unique two-year program, fellows join a network of outstanding peers from around the world, have unparalleled opportunities to meet world leaders and senior experts at flagship Atlantic Council events, learn in a hands-on environment through Master Class sessions and study tours, and lead the debate on key global issues. The program is a central pillar of the Council’s mission to promote constructive leadership and build enduring relationships capable of addressing shared global challenges.

The fellowship focuses on how a rising generation of leaders around the world can renew a values-based social compact at the beginning of a Millennium marked by dramatic change and upheaval. Fellows share a common belief in the power of constructive international engagement, democracy, human rights, vibrant civil society, trade and economic development, and sustainability as catalysts for good, while bringing a range of policy views from across the political spectrum to discussions on how to protect and strengthen these values. In this regard, the fellowship seeks to combat isolationism as well as visions for globalization not anchored in these values.



  1. Front Line Study Tour: Tours take fellows behind the headlines to experience global trends in action. Typically lasting five days, they feature hands-on site visits, social and cultural activities, and meetings with top officials, executives, and civil society leaders as well as practitioners at the grass-roots level. Past tours include Kyiv, Ukraine after the Maidan; Sarajevo, Bosnia on the 25th anniversary of the Dayton Accords; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Morgantown, West Virginia after the US election; and Turkey and Greece to explore the refugee and migrant crisis. MLP has organized over twenty such tours in over forty cities and a dozen countries since 2012.
  2. Global Conference: Directly following tours, fellows participate in high visibility global conferences where they share the stage with distinguished senior leaders, including heads-of-state, global CEOs, and others. These events include the NATO Summit (MLP has been a partner for public programming at the last nine Summits) and other flagship Council and partner events.
  3. Executive Retreat: Post conference, fellows regroup for a retreat where they reflect, participate in professionally facilitated peer-mentorship and leadership development, listen to world-class speakers who join to deliver private talks, and collaboratively plan their own next steps for impact.




1. Join: Join a global network of rising leaders and build life-long relationships through executive retreats and informal events.

2. Meet: Meet world leaders and senior experts at flagship Atlantic Council events around the world.

3. Discover: Go behind the headlines with study tours to regions on the frontlines of key global trends and learn from top experts through dynamic Master Class sessions.

4. Lead: Lead the debate with opportunities to speak, publish, and collaborate.




Millennium Fellowship

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