2019 AIMS/Carnegie Corporation MSc Scholarships in Data Science

Deadline: April 30, 2019.

In partnership with the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) is inviting students who are at least in the final year of their BSc program or BSc degree holders with an interest in data science and its related disciplines (such as Mathematics, Statistics, Machine Learning, Cluster Analysis, Data Mining, Big data Analytics, Data Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Deep Active Learning, Cognitive Computing among others), to apply for one of six attractive Masters by Research scholarships at its pioneering Quantum Leap Africa (QLA) Research Centre in Rwanda.



  • Applicants can be from any country.
  • Applicants must hold at least a BSc degree in any field related to mathematical sciences before the start date of this position.
  • Applicants should be interested in undertaking research in Data Science and its related disciplines.
  • Knowledge in mathematical modelling would be an advantage.
  • Applicants must be open-minded, and must be willing to conduct their research at their preferred AIMS Research Centre, or a designated partner institution in one of the AIMS host centres.



1. Successful candidates will each benefit from financial support of up to $10 000 per annum for at most two years.

2. Applicants with an MSc degree could be eligible for a –year MPhil. Funding is also available for conferences and international scientific events. The term can be renewed based on satisfactory progress.

3. Students would preferably be based at QLA in Rwanda and could be affiliated to any of the AIMS Research Centres and spend time in other international partner universities or research centres.

4. Beneficiaries may also be affiliated to any recognized institution of higher learning located in the same country as the AIMS Research Centre.



1. Applicants must use the online application portal to apply and submit supporting documents. These supporting documents should be submitted in a pdf format and named using the following format: “AIMS-Carnegie-PhD–first and last name of applicant-type of document- monthyear of submission” e.g. “AIMS-Carnegie-PhD–JohnJake-CV-July2019”

2. Before starting the application process, applicants should provide complete and accurate contact information (email address, title, names) of two referees who will provide confidential letters of support on their behalf. We will request these letters of support directly from the referees. It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide their referees with a copy of the ‘Terms of Reference’ and the ‘Instructions for Referees’. The applicant is also responsible for ensuring that their referees have received the request for a letter of support from us and have submitted the requested letters to us on time.

3. Applications shall be considered complete if all the documents listed above, including support letters, are received by AIMS before the evaluation start date.




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