2019 African Union Commission 2nd Pan Africa Youth Forum

Deadline: Ongoing

The African Union Commission is hosting the 2nd Pan Africa Youth Forum under the theme “African Youth Unite – Reaching out to Young Africans”.

The forum is convened as part of the launch of the “African Youth Unite – Reaching out to Young Africans” Project, an exciting new initiative of the African Union Chairperson which aims to accelerate action on African youth priorities by directly reaching millions of young Africans in the four key areas of Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Engagement. The event will create spaces for youth to co-create solutions in these key areas which will contribute to the implementation of the initiative in the next couple of years.

This is therefore to call upon dedicated, visionary and proactive young Africans with experience and/or expertise in the areas outlined above to join the co-creation sessions and represent the youth cohort of the continent in high-level decision making processes.



Participants are expected to engage in an intensive four-day meeting to propose workable solutions which will directly uplift millions of youth on the continent. In addition, participants will undergo a 15-hour virtual capacity building in the run-up to the Pan African Youth Forum. The programme is broadly outlined thus:
• Capacity Building sessions (15 virtual hours) – One week to the forum
• Pan African Youth Congress – Day 1
• Thematic Co-Creation Summit – Day 2 & 3
• Commitment Summit by youth development stakeholders – Day 4
• Marketplace on best practices in Africa in the key priority youth areas – Days 1 – 4.



Participants will include youth experts from member states, civil societies and/or youth networks. Women, refugees/displaced persons, and persons living with a disability are strongly encouraged to apply.
• Do you have experience or expertise in one or more of the thematic areas?
• Are you a citizen of an AU Member State with a valid passport?
• Are you between the ages of 15-35?
• Can you communicate in one or more of the AU official languages (English, French, Portuguese, and Arabic)?
• Are you passionate about Africa’s development and have taken steps to contribute to achieve the Africa We Want?
• Are you committed to long-term engagement to drive the initiative in your own spaces?




1. You will be part of a life-changing engagement of networking, learning, and creating long-term solutions to youth issues with other young leaders like yourself, and in partnership with the African Union Commission and its development partners.

2. You will meaningfully contribute to the development trajectory of young people on the continent for years to come.




Pan African Youth Forum

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