2019 Africa YES Centre Young Entrepreneur Support Program

Deadline: February 17, 2019.

The Africa Young Entrepreneur Support (YES) Program is a 12-week intensive entrepreneurship, leadership, business training, and exchange program that provides early stage social entrepreneurs of between 18 – 29 years with the resources they need to discover opportunities, unlock their potential and create impact in their local communities.

The program seeks to identify, inspire and empower 20 young social entrepreneurs to recognize opportunities, explore innovative approaches, mobilize resources, manage risks, and build viable social enterprises.



The Africa Young Entrepreneur Support (YES) Program is looking for self-starters, leaders, change makers who are out to create viable businesses as but create impact in their local community and beyond. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. The venture must solve a clear social problem in the community
  2. There must be a viable and tested solution already in place (not just an idea)
  3. The social venture should have a viable business model
  4. The venture should have at least five paying customers or making a revenue of at least $200
  5. There should be ambition by the founder of the venture to grow to achieve large scale impact
  6. The applicant can commit to attend weekly sessions (every Saturday) in Nairobi from March to June, 2019
  7. The applicant can commit to do weekly assignments/tasks in relation to their venture
  8. The applicant must be working either full time or at least 30 hrs per week in their venture
  9. The applicant must be below 30 years of age when applying




1. LEADERSHIP AND BUSINESS ACUMEN SKILLS: Their hands-on training sessions delivered by experienced facilitators are tailored to help you become a great entrepreneurial leader equipped with 21st century skills that are vital in helping your venture grow.

2. BUILD & GROW YOUR VENTURE: Their practical and real-world sessions mean you get to apply what you are learning each week to your venture while getting feedback to help you grow and your venture grow.

3. ACCESS FUNDING UP TO 15000 USD: At the end of the 12-weeks program, 3 fellows will be selected to immediately receive up to 15,000 USD in grants, which is a zero-equity funding. You will also be connected to other funding opportunities available.

4. ACCESS NETWORKS, MENTORS & OPPORTUNITIES: As part of the program, you will connect deeper with other social entrepreneurs, mentors and other entrepreneurship ecosystem players, including exclusive opportunities and workshops.

5. ACCESS 3 MONTHS CO-WORKING SPACE: A minimum of 5 participants will receive a 3-month membership that will give them full access to work from a co-working space so as to grow their ventures.

6. POTENTIAL EXCHANGE PROGRAM & INTERNSHIPS: Participants may benefit from potential exchange program with young social entrepreneurs in South Korea and get opportunities to interact and intern with South Korean companies and organizations.




Africa Young Entrepreneur Support (YES) Program

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