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OPPOURTUNITIES.COM FORUM - GRANTS - 2018 VentureWell Faculty Grants for US Colleges a...

2018 VentureWell Faculty Grants for US Colle... Initiated By:   Graceshade   10/2/2018 3:29:15 PM

Deadline: November 7, 2018.

VentureWell awards faculty grants to colleges and universities for the purpose of strengthening existing curricular programs and/or building new programs in invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Through these grant funds, VentureWell supports creative pedagogical approaches that generate student teams working on technology solutions to real-world problems, with the goal of the strongest teams applying to participate in VentureWell’s E-Team Grant Program. VentureWell has funded over 803 new courses or programs through faculty grants, and 3 out... Login to Read More.

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