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OPPOURTUNITIES.COM FORUM - MISCELLANEOUS - 2019 Ockenden International Prize for Self...

2019 Ockenden International Prize for Self-R... Initiated By:   Graceshade   9/13/2018 3:08:16 PM

Deadline: November 30, 2018.

The International Prize was launched in 2012 as was a three-year refugee studies fellowship at Oxford University. This important prize for a project that aids refugees or displaced people – as well as the Oxford University Fellowship – honours Ockenden International’s founder Joyce Pearce and the principles on which Ockenden was established. More than GBP500,000 has been given in prizes since the inaugural GBP60,000 prize was awarded in February 2013.

Ockenden International is looking for projects, activities and/or progra... Login to Read More.

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