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OPPOURTUNITIES.COM FORUM - MISCELLANEOUS - 2018 AfricaCheck Election Fact-Checking an...

2018 AfricaCheck Election Fact-Checking and ... Initiated By:   Graceshade   8/28/2018 8:06:30 AM

Deadline: September24, 2018.

TRi Facts is looking for fact-checking champions to help build in-house fact-checking capacity within media organisations to improve the quality of election reporting and fostering a wider culture of fact-checking. In November 2018, TRi Facts will be facilitating a fact-checking training workshop for mid-career journalists in Nigeria: Sokoto, Kano, Jos and Yola. The workshop takes standard fact-checking methodology, demonstrated using political and election-specific examples, and integrates it with best-practice lessons on politic... Login to Read More.

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