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OPPOURTUNITIES.COM FORUM - Awards - 2019 Women Stop Hunger Awards: Nomination open

2019 Women Stop Hunger Awards: Nomination op... Initiated By:   Graceshade   8/17/2018 11:09:12 AM

Deadline: August 31, 2018.

By giving women the same resources as men, we will build a hunger-free world and a better future for all. We know women are the most effective at overcoming hunger. Yet 70% of hunger’s victims are women. Why? While women are almost 50% of the world's population, less than 50% are employed, and one in five girls is denied an education. However, we know that the more they are educated, the higher their income: an additional year of primary school translates into 10-20% additional salary and an additional year of secondary education to 25% or more. We a... Login to Read More.

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