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OPPOURTUNITIES.COM FORUM - CONFERENCES - 2018 One Young World Shell Scholarship Progr...

2018 One Young World Shell Scholarship Progr... Initiated By:   Graceshade   5/22/2018 10:26:17 AM

Deadline: June 17, 2018.

Do you care about the world around you? Do you put your energy into the development of your neighborhood, city or even country? Have you already started to make a difference in the field of Education, Access to Energy, Social Entrepreneurship or Social Cohesion?

You will get the opportunity to go to the One Young World Summit 2018 in The Hague, as part of a team of 20 ambitious doers who want to contribute to make the world a better place. This international event brings together 1500 young people from 196 countries to exchange thoughts and... Login to Read More.

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